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Around a quarter of all carbon dioxide emissions in the UK are from electricity production - it's one the largest sources of climate change causing CO2 next to transport and industry. On this site we aim to track the continued decarbonisation of UK electrical power generation.

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Data Updates

11th July 2021

Refreshed power plant database

24th Oct 2019

Data failed from an API for almost 3hrs this morning

21st June 2019

Refreshed power plant database

18th June 2019

Solar API moved, we stopped recording data for couple of hours

22nd May 2019

Failed to collect data for 5hrs

7th May 2019

Solar API had some problems

28th Apr 2019

An API went down for 3hrs returning no or erroneous data

1st Apr 2019

Solar API had some problems

26th Feb 2019

Added Nemo Link

19th Feb 2019

Solar data API failed for half an hour

12th Feb 2019

Site now contains production data since May 2011. Example: worst coal day recorded

9th Feb 2019

API failed between 1am and 5am

30th Dec 2018

Very slightly improved biomass carbon intensity calculation

11th & 12th Dec 2018

API failures, again

22nd Nov 2018

Main API failed to update for 4hrs 10min overnight

20th Oct 2018

Solar data failed for a few hours this morning

18th Oct 2018

API that we consume didn't send any new data for 3-4hrs this morning

1st Oct 2018

Added regional data

27th Sep 2018

An API went down, causing all of our data to stop recording

23rd May 2018

Everything broke and stopped recording data for 11hrs

9th May 2018

Added solar data

Site Updates

11th Jul 2021

  • Adjust available timescales, including adding 10 years option
  • Add IFA2 & NSL interconnects

15th Feb 2021

  • Fix North Wales data

24th Jun 2019

  • Filled in the gaps on some data, increased max view of national data to eight years

4th Jun 2019

  • Three month, one year, three year and seven year views of all the national data

6th May 2019

  • No coal streak was so long it broke the no coal calculation
  • Added oil to records page

15th Mar 2019

  • Source graphs on region pages (e.g. England)

5th Mar 2019

  • Region map on the homepage
  • Bunch of minor copy, security and metadata changes

26th Feb 2019

25th Feb 2019

  • Time since last coal burn on coal page
  • Library list on this page
  • Typos on this page

23th Jan 2019

  • Fix region pie chart colouring

12th Jan 2019

23rd Dec 2018

  • Speed increase on plant pages

16th Dec 2018

  • Display live cloud cover percentage on plants (example)
  • Display live sun altitude on solar plants (example)

29th Nov 2018

  • Better plant mapping & photos

12th Nov 2018

  • Experimental display of weather on plants (example)

3rd Nov 2018

1st Nov 2018

  • Speed up the graph generation
  • Tweak total production description values

30th Oct 2018

  • Total production scale indicators
  • Fix static chart colours

28th Oct 2018

  • UK date formatting on graphs

23rd Oct 2018

  • Fix colouring on live data graph

18th Oct 2018

  • Homepage tweaks
  • Breakout data updates and site updates on this page

9th Oct 2018

  • Regional mapping & graphs

2nd Oct 2018

  • More stats on individual reading page

27th Sep 2018

  • Attempts to counter some less than reliable APIs

27th Jul 2018

  • Have all graphs start at zero on Y axis
  • Fix some plant stat formatting

24th Jun 2018

  • Add beta label to show site is WIP, and obviously entirely indemnify myself

22nd Jun 2018

  • Fixes for solar on individual reading page

18th Jun 2018

  • Better crawling
  • Updated plants

23rd May 2018

  • Improved plant page

18th May 2018

  • Carbon intensity index labels

17th May 2018

  • Improvements to plant section

13th May 2018

  • Live plant utilisation
  • Retina plant photos

9th May 2018

6th May 2018

  • Plant filtering
  • Fix offshore wind mapping

2nd May 2018

  • Plant map

1st May 2018

12th Feb 2018

  • Massively improved graphs

11th Feb 2018

8th Feb 2018

  • Loads of metadata in the pages
  • Better image graphs

7th Feb 2018

  • Added link to tweets
  • Image graphs on individual reading pages

5th Feb 2018

  • Live updating homepage
  • Twitter account - ep5min

30th Jan 2018

  • Sources on this page

20th Jan 2018

  • Speed up individual source page
  • Timescale selection on individual source pages
  • URL changes
  • Add RSS feed

16th Jan 2018

  • Caching

12th Jan 2018

  • Individual reading page

8th Jan 2018

  • All source types page

31st Dec 2017

  • All sources page

30th Dec 2017

  • Timescale selection on most graphs
  • Revamp the generation of most graphs for speed

24th Dec 2017

  • Improved carbon intensity calculation
  • Direction arrows on most readings
  • Styling & homepage links

22nd Dec 2017

  • Add this page