UK Electricity Production


British Solar Renewables

Number of plants
Installed capacity
131.08 MW
NameFuelCapacity (MW)Photo
North Farm (Spetisbury)Solar11.6North Farm (Spetisbury)
Southfield Solar ParkSolar9.7614Southfield Solar Park
Canada FarmSolar8.3Canada Farm
Nanteague FarmSolar7.7Nanteague Farm
Rodbourne Rail Farm - Solar ParkSolar7.6Rodbourne Rail Farm - Solar Park
Whitley (Ashcott Farm) Solar ParkSolar7.5702Whitley (Ashcott Farm) Solar Park
Abbots AnnSolar7.0Abbots Ann
Holly Farm Solar ParkSolar5.0Holly Farm Solar Park
Burrowton FarmSolar5.0Burrowton Farm
Galton Manor Solar ParkSolar5.0Galton Manor Solar Park
Southern Counties Shooting Ground Phase 2 (resubmission)Solar5.0Southern Counties Shooting Ground Phase 2 (resubmission)
Land at Oldstone FarmSolar5.0Land at Oldstone Farm
Rampisham NorthSolar5.0Rampisham North
Clapton Farm Solar ParkSolar5.0Clapton Farm Solar Park
Land at Newlands FarmSolar5.0Land at Newlands Farm
Bake Farm Solar ParkSolar4.99928Bake Farm Solar Park
Place Barton FarmSolar4.9Place Barton Farm
Grantham Solar ParkSolar4.87872Grantham Solar Park
Barton Close Solar ParkSolar4.61032Barton Close Solar Park
Overton Solar ParkSolar3.75232Overton Solar Park
Whitley Farm (2 of 2)Solar3.5Whitley Farm (2 of 2)
Wisbech Solar ParkSolar3.40472Wisbech Solar Park
Higher Hill Farm (extension)Solar1.5Higher Hill Farm (extension)