UK Electricity Production


Greencoat Capital

Number of plants
Installed capacity
158.18 MW
NameFuelCapacity (MW)Photo
Coltishall 1Solar33.682Coltishall 1
Bann Road (Tullaghans Road)Solar25.0Bann Road (Tullaghans Road)
Bodwen Solar ParkSolar5.5Bodwen Solar Park
Land West Of Hunger Hill FarmSolar5.0Land West Of Hunger Hill Farm
Land North of Sandhutton LaneSolar5.0Land North of Sandhutton Lane
Berthlwyd FarmSolar5.0Berthlwyd Farm
Ebnal Lodge (resubmission)Solar5.0Ebnal Lodge (resubmission)
Land off Moss Land (resubmission)Solar5.0Land off Moss Land (resubmission)