UK Electricity Production


Lightsource Renewable Energy

Number of plants
Installed capacity
746.20 MW
NameFuelCapacity (MW)Photo
Black Peak FarmSolar31.8Black Peak Farm
Munceys FarmSolar31.6Munceys Farm
Hillside Solar FarmSolar25.2Hillside Solar Farm
Netherfield LaneSolar19.7Netherfield Lane
Six Hills Solar FarmSolar18.7Six Hills Solar Farm
Waterloo solar parkSolar14.6Waterloo solar park
Charity Farm - CfDSolar14.402485Charity Farm - CfD
Little Morton Solar FarmSolar14.3Little Morton Solar Farm
Westerfield Farm - resubmissionSolar12.5Westerfield Farm - resubmission
Lodge Farm - OrstonSolar12.4Lodge Farm - Orston
Condover AirfieldSolar12.3Condover Airfield
Chediston Hall Solar ParkSolar12.3Chediston Hall Solar Park
Bishops SuttonSolar12.0Bishops Sutton
Eakring Solar FarmSolar11.9Eakring Solar Farm
Burntstalk Solar ParkSolar11.5Burntstalk Solar Park
Lands West of Belfast RoadSolar10.0Lands West of Belfast Road
Woodlands Farm Solar ParkSolar10.0Woodlands Farm Solar Park
Somerton Door FarmSolar8.7Somerton Door Farm
Claypit Moor Solar Farm (Lexham)Solar7.9Claypit Moor Solar Farm (Lexham)
Sutton Mawr FarmSolar7.5Sutton Mawr Farm
Avenue FarmSolar7.3Avenue Farm
Millar FarmSolar7.21088Millar Farm
Trench FarmSolar7.2Trench Farm
Oaklands Farm - resubmissionSolar6.9Oaklands Farm - resubmission
Wiggin Hill Solar Farm - Phase 1Solar6.8Wiggin Hill Solar Farm - Phase 1
Knockcairn RoadSolar6.5Knockcairn Road
QE2 ReservoirSolar6.33765QE2 Reservoir
Land east of Littledown Business ParkSolar6.2Land east of Littledown Business Park
Thorne FarmSolar6.2Thorne Farm
Reaches Farm Solar ParkSolar6.1Reaches Farm Solar Park
Rew Farm Solar FarmSolar6.1Rew Farm Solar Farm
Holwell HillSolar6.0Holwell Hill
Drapers Farm Solar ParkSolar6.0Drapers Farm Solar Park
NI Cluster Moira RoadSolar5.93712NI Cluster Moira Road
289 Finvoy RoadSolar5.9289 Finvoy Road
Barley Wood Farm Lane (Gaston Lane - resubmission)Solar5.4Barley Wood Farm Lane (Gaston Lane - resubmission)
Crapnell Farm Solar FarmSolar5.4Crapnell Farm Solar Farm
NI Cluster Lough RoadSolar5.39904NI Cluster Lough Road
Tooleys FarmSolar5.3Tooleys Farm
Cold HarbourSolar5.0Cold Harbour
Lawrence End ParkSolar5.0Lawrence End Park
Holtwood FarmSolar5.0Holtwood Farm
Land at Ash Row FarmSolar5.0Land at Ash Row Farm
School AycliffeSolar5.0School Aycliffe
Land at Meadow FarmSolar5.0Land at Meadow Farm
Land East of Lawn LaneSolar5.0Land East of Lawn Lane
Hewas Solar FarmSolar5.0Hewas Solar Farm
Averhill FarmSolar5.0Averhill Farm
Land North of Chiltern GreeenSolar5.0Land North of Chiltern Greeen
Land at Woodhouse FarmSolar5.0Land at Woodhouse Farm
Walland FarmSolar5.0Walland Farm
Land Opposite Tyn Y PistyllSolar5.0Land Opposite Tyn Y Pistyll
Land South of Highfield HouseSolar5.0Land South of Highfield House
The BreckSolar5.0The Breck
Land at Pollington AirfieldSolar5.0Land at Pollington Airfield
Land Adjacent Claypits Farm (a)Solar5.0Land Adjacent Claypits Farm (a)
Mill Hill FarmSolar5.0Mill Hill Farm
Middle BalbeggieSolar5.0Middle Balbeggie
Land south of Brick Kiln RoadSolar5.0Land south of Brick Kiln Road
Hill Hall FarmSolar4.99896Hill Hall Farm
Bolsovermoor QuarrySolar4.9979Bolsovermoor Quarry
Fields Farm (Agden)Solar4.997475Fields Farm (Agden)
Safeguard BradwallSolar4.997475Safeguard Bradwall
Hadley FarmSolar4.99698Hadley Farm
Cwrt HenllysSolar4.99252Cwrt Henllys
Church Farm - SlaptonSolar4.9848Church Farm - Slapton
Nefyn (Tyddyn Cae)Solar4.92154Nefyn (Tyddyn Cae)
Staining Wood FarmSolar4.9Staining Wood Farm
Red Hill FarmSolar4.8Red Hill Farm
Ryston Estate Solar ParkSolar4.8Ryston Estate Solar Park
Bentley EstateSolar4.7819Bentley Estate
Upper ClayhillSolar4.7492Upper Clayhill
Pen RhiwSolar4.748005Pen Rhiw
Turves/Burtnhouse Solar Farm extensionSolar4.7Turves/Burtnhouse Solar Farm extension
Cleave FarmSolar4.56435Cleave Farm
Maes BachSolar4.5594Maes Bach
Lovedean FarmSolar4.5Lovedean Farm
Land west of Welton RoadSolar4.4Land west of Welton Road
Langton (FIT)Solar4.3472Langton (FIT)
St FrancisSolar4.32531St Francis
Barn Farm - resubmissionSolar4.2Barn Farm - resubmission
Land West of Parsonage WoodSolar4.2Land West of Parsonage Wood
Bystock Solar FarmSolar4.1Bystock Solar Farm
Wiggin Hill Solar Farm - Phase 2Solar4.1Wiggin Hill Solar Farm - Phase 2
Land to North West of Lodge Farm (Park Farm)Solar4.0Land to North West of Lodge Farm (Park Farm)
New Row FarmSolar3.9New Row Farm
Henbury QuarrySolar3.684Henbury Quarry
Gelli GronSolar3.596985Gelli Gron
Ld NW Of Ratcliffe House FarmSolar3.5Ld NW Of Ratcliffe House Farm
Land To The North Of Dairy House FarmSolar3.4Land To The North Of Dairy House Farm
Sharland FarmSolar2.8Sharland Farm
Hill End FarmSolar2.8Hill End Farm
Morfa FarmSolar2.0Morfa Farm
Hollamoor Farm (PV)Solar2.0Hollamoor Farm (PV)
Luson FarmSolar1.9Luson Farm
Kia Ora FarmSolar1.8Kia Ora Farm
Slaughtergate FarmSolar1.8Slaughtergate Farm
Pont AndrewSolar1.5443Pont Andrew
Higher Knapp FarmSolar1.5Higher Knapp Farm
Clann Solar FarmSolar1.4Clann Solar Farm
Ellicombe FarmSolar1.4Ellicombe Farm
Tredown Solar FarmSolar1.2Tredown Solar Farm
Barton Solar FarmSolar1.2Barton Solar Farm
Southcombe FarmSolar1.2Southcombe Farm
Higher Pirzwell Solar FarmSolar1.2Higher Pirzwell Solar Farm
Broadgate Solar FarmSolar1.1Broadgate Solar Farm
West BradleySolar1.029West Bradley
Rudge Hill FarmSolar1.01886Rudge Hill Farm
Whiddon FarmSolar1.0Whiddon Farm