UK Electricity Production


Waste Recycling Group

Number of plants
Installed capacity
138.40 MW
NameFuelCapacity (MW)Photo
Calvert Phase IIWaste11.2Calvert Phase II
Brogborough Phase IVWaste11.0Brogborough Phase IV
Brogborough Phase IIIWaste11.0Brogborough Phase III
L'Field Stewartby Landfill SiteWaste10.7L'Field Stewartby Landfill Site
Gowy Landfill Site Cheshire (Extension)Waste6.0Gowy Landfill Site  Cheshire (Extension)
Sutton CourtneyWaste6.0Sutton Courtney
Sutton Courtenay Landfill SchemeWaste5.6Sutton Courtenay Landfill Scheme
Weldon Phase 1 and 2Waste4.0Weldon Phase 1 and 2
PwllfaWatkin Landfill Gas SiteWaste3.2PwllfaWatkin Landfill Gas Site
Llandulas Landfill SchemeWaste2.9Llandulas Landfill Scheme
Dorket HeadWaste2.8Dorket Head
Judkins Landfill SchemeWaste2.7Judkins Landfill Scheme
Bradgate Quarry Landfill Gas SchemeWaste2.5Bradgate Quarry Landfill Gas Scheme
Arlesey Landfill Gas (Extension)Waste2.3Arlesey Landfill Gas (Extension)
Pen y BontWaste2.3Pen y Bont
Tarbothill Landfill SiteWaste2.2Tarbothill Landfill Site
Bletchley Phase IIWaste2.2Bletchley Phase II
Greengairs Landfill Scheme Phase VWaste2.2Greengairs Landfill Scheme Phase V
Greengairs Landfill Scheme Phase VIWaste2.2Greengairs Landfill Scheme Phase VI
Bennett Bank Landfill Site (lfg)Waste2.2Bennett Bank Landfill Site (lfg)
Staveley PowerWaste2.1Staveley Power
Aveley Landfill SchemeWaste2.1Aveley Landfill Scheme
Drummond Moor LandfillWaste2.0Drummond Moor Landfill
Greengairs Landfill Scheme Phase IVWaste2.0Greengairs Landfill Scheme Phase IV
Maw Green Landfill Site Cheshire (Extension)Waste2.0Maw Green Landfill Site  Cheshire (Extension)
Greengairs Landfill Scheme Phase IIIWaste2.0Greengairs Landfill Scheme Phase III
Milton Landfill SiteWaste2.0Milton Landfill Site
Oatslie Landfill GasWaste2.0Oatslie Landfill Gas
Greengairs Landfill Scheme Phase IIWaste1.9Greengairs Landfill Scheme Phase II
Dogsthorpe South Landfill SiteWaste1.9Dogsthorpe South Landfill Site
Greengairs Landfill Scheme Phase IWaste1.9Greengairs Landfill Scheme Phase I
Edwin Richards Landfill SchemeWaste1.8Edwin Richards Landfill Scheme
Burntstump Landfill SchemeWaste1.8Burntstump Landfill Scheme
Ongar Landfill Scheme 2Waste1.8Ongar Landfill Scheme 2
Gowy Landfill SiteWaste1.6Gowy Landfill Site
Maw Green Landfill SiteWaste1.6Maw Green Landfill Site
Danes Moss Landfill SiteWaste1.6Danes Moss Landfill Site
Bootham Lane Phase 2Waste1.4Bootham Lane Phase 2
Bootham LaneWaste1.2Bootham Lane
Meadow Hall PowerWaste1.1Meadow Hall Power
Arlesey Landfill SiteWaste1.1Arlesey Landfill Site
Ongar Landfill SchemeWaste1.0Ongar Landfill Scheme