UK Electricity Production


Wave and Tidal Plants

Number of plants
Installed capacity
0.04 GW
NameFuelCapacity (MW)Owner
Hayle Wave Hub (Test Site)Wave and Tidal23.0Wave Hub
Inner Sound Phase 1A (MeyGen)Wave and Tidal6.0Atlantis Resources
The Fall of Warness Tidal Scheme (EMEC)Wave and Tidal4.0Tocardo/OpenHydro
Fall of Warness Tidal Demonstrator (EMEC)Wave and Tidal2.0Bluewater Energy Services/ Scotrenewables
SeaGen Tidal FarmWave and Tidal1.2Marine Current Turbines (MCT)
European Marine Energy Centre (EMEC)Wave and Tidal1.0Scottish Power/CRE Energy/Wello
Hammerfest (EMEC)Wave and Tidal1.0Hamerfest Strom/SPR
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