UK Electricity Production


Wind Plants

Number of plants
Installed capacity
17.64 GW
NameFuelCapacity (MW)Owner
London ArrayWind630.0Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy
Gwynt y MorWind576.0RWE
Greater GabbardWind504.0Airtricity / Fluor Ltd
West of Duddon SandsWind389.0Scottish Power Renewables & Orsted (formerly Dong Energy)
WhiteleeWind322.0CRE Energy/ Scottish Power
Sheringham Shoal BMU 1 & 2Wind316.0Vattenfall
ThanetWind300.0Vattenfall Wind Power Ltd
Race Bank (Phase 1)Wind286.5Orsted (formerly Dong Energy)/ Macquarie Group
Burbo Bank Extension (Burbo Bank 2)Wind258.0Orsted (formerly Dong Energy)
Pen y CymoeddWind228.0Vattenfall (previously Nuon Renewables)
Humber GatewayWind219.0E.ON Humber Wind Ltd/ Balfour Beatty Investments and Equitix.
Whitelee 2Wind217.02Scottish Power Renewables
Westermost RoughWind210.0Orsted (formerly Dong Energy)
GriffinWind188.6Greenpower (Griffin) Ltd
Walney 1Wind184.0Orsted (formerly Dong Energy)
Walney 2Wind184.0Orsted (formerly Dong Energy)
Clyde Wind Farm Extension (Clyde 2)Wind172.8Scottish and Southern Energy (SSE)/ GIB
Fallago RigWind144.0EDF Energy Renewables
Crystal Rig 2Wind138.0Fred Olsen Renewables
HarestanesWind136.0Scottish Power Renewables
Black LawWind124.2Scottish Power Renewables
ArecleochWind120.0Scottish Power Renewables
Hadyard HillWind119.6Scottish and Southern Energy (SSE)
Bhlaraidh (previously Balmacaan)Wind110.0Scottish and Southern Energy (SSE)
Whitelee Windfarm Extension phase 2Wind109.0
Gunfleet Sands 1Wind108.0Orsted (formerly Dong Energy)
Inner DowsingWind97.0Green Investment Bank
LynnWind97.0Green Investment Bank
DunmaglassWind94.1Scottish and Southern Energy (SSE)
FarrWind92.0Innogy (formerly RWE npower)
Robin Rigg WestWind90.0E.On
Rhyl FlatsWind90.0RWE Npower
BarrowWind90.0Orsted (formerly Dong Energy)
Robin Rigg EastWind90.0E.On
Kentish FlatsWind90.0Vattenfall
Burbo BankWind90.0Orsted (formerly Dong Energy)
BeinneunWind85.0Octopus Investments/Blue Energy.
Mid HillWind75.9Fred Olsen Renewables
Slieve KirkWind73.6Airtricity
Braes of Doune Wind FarmWind72.0Greencoat UK Wind
GordonbushWind70.0Scottish and Southern Energy (SSE)
CorriegarthWind69.0Greencoat Capital
DersallochWind69.0Scottish Power Renewables
KeadbyWind68.0Scottish and Southern Energy (SSE)
Strathy NorthWind67.65Scottish and Southern Energy (SSE)
KilbraurWind67.5Falck Renewables
Berry BurnWind66.7Statkraft
GalawhistleWind66.0Ventient (formerly Infinis)
Fullabrook Down Wind FarmWind66.0Devon Wind Power Ltd
Scout MoorWind65.0Munich Re (previously Peel)
Gunfleet Sands 2Wind65.0Orsted (formerly Dong Energy)
MillenniumWind65.0West Coast Energy Ltd/Falck Renewables
Paul's HillWind64.0Fred Olsen Renewables
Crystal RigWind63.0Fred Olsen Renewables
TeessideWind62.0EDF Energy - Northern Offshore Windfarm Ltd
Windy Standard II Wind Farm (Brockloch Rig Phase 1)Wind61.5Fred Olsen Renewables
Aikengall II Wester Dod Community Wind FarmWind60.8Community Windpower
North HoyleWind60.0Greencoat (formerly Npower Renewables)
Scroby SandsWind60.0E.On
Little Cheyne CourtWind59.8RWE npower
Cefn CroesWind59.0Renewable Development Company Ltd KENTECH Ltd
Mid Hill IWind57.5Fred Olsen Renewables
Mark HillWind56.0Force 9 Energy
Black Law 2Wind55.42Scottish Power Renewables
MiddlemoorWind54.0Npower Renewables
Slieve Rushen ExtensionWind54.0
BaillieWind52.5Baillie Windfarm Ltd
Harburnhead Wind FarmWind51.7FIM Services / Enel Viento
RothesWind51.0Natural Power Consultants
Frodsham Wind Farm LtdWind50.4Peel Energy
CamsterWind50.0E.ON UK
Kentish Flats ExtensionWind49.5Vattenfall
Hill of TowieWind48.3Renewable Energy Systems (RES)
CauseymireWind48.3Innogy (formerly RWE npower)
AikengallWind48.0Community Wind Power (01928 734544)
CorriemoillieWind47.5EDF Energy Renewables
Kilbraur WindfarmWind47.5Renewable Development Company (RDC)
Carraig GhealWind46.0Green Power
Tween BridgeWind44.0E.ON Renewables
Beinn an Tuirc 2Wind43.7Scottish Power Renewables
A'ChruachWind42.6Infinis (formerly Novera Energy)
Windyhill Road (Dunbeg) Wind FarmWind42.0Gaelectric Developments/ CGN Europe Energy
Rothes 2Wind41.4Fred Olsen Renewables
FairburnWind40.0Scottish and Southern Energy (SSE)
Millennium WindfarmWind40.0Renewable Development Company (RDC) Scotland (Ltd) for FALCK RENEWABLES
LongparkWind38.0Wind Prospect
AchanyWind38.0Scottish and Southern Energy (SSE)
EarlsburnWind37.5Falck Renewables
Brockaghboy Wind FarmWind37.5TCI Renewables/ERG Renew
ClashindarrochWind36.9Vattenfall Wind Power
DrumdergWind36.8Scottish and Southern Energy (SSE)
Novar 2Wind36.8RWE npower
AndershawWind36.3Statkraft UK
Auchrobert Wind FarmWind36.0Falck Renewables
Green RiggWind36.0EDF/China General Nuclear Power Corporation
Airies FarmWind35.0NTR
Goole Fields 2Wind34.85RWE Npower Renewables
Mynydd y BetwsWind34.5ESB (Cambrian Renewable Energy Ltd / Betws Common Holdings Ltd)
TievenameentaWind34.5Scottish and Southern Energy (SSE)
Garreg LwydWind34.0Renewables Infrastructure Group (TRIG)
CarnoWind33.6RWE npower
Goole FieldsWind33.0RWE npower
CalliacharWind32.2Scottish and Southern Energy (SSE)
Ffynnon OerWind32.0RWE npower
Beck Burn (resubmission)Wind31.0EDF Energy Renewables
Llandinam WindfarmWind31.0CELTPOWER LTD
TormywheelWind30.8BlackRock (formerly Muirhall Energy)
DalswintonWind30.8Airtricity Scotland
Burnfoot HillWind30.1EDF Energies Nouvelles
Slieve DivenaWind30.0Greencoat (formerly Infinis/SSE)
Hywind Scotland Pilot Park (Hywind 2) DemonstratorWind30.0Statoil
Roughside HillWind30.0PowerGen and Natural Power
West BrowncastleWind30.0Falck Renewables
LissettWind29.95Novera Energy
Hill of Stroupster WindfarmWind29.9Greencoat UK Wind
StroupsterWind29.9Greencoat UK Wind/Bay Wa .r.e/ SunGift
Quixwood MoorWind29.9NTR PLC
Beinn Tharsuinn Windfarm ProjectWind29.8CRE Energy/ Scottish Power
Beinn TharsuinnWind29.75Midefearn Renewables
Cruach MhorWind29.75Scottish Power Renewables
Dun Law 2Wind29.75RES
Fraisthorpe Wind FarmWind29.7Octopus Investments
Beinn an Tuirc 1Wind29.7CRE Energy/ Scottish Power
Penmanshiel Wind FarmWind28.7RES
Twin RiversWind28.7NTR
Drone HillWind28.6Greencoat UK Wind
Black HillWind28.6Renewable Energy Systems (RES)
Tappaghan Wind FarmWind28.5Greencoat UK Wind
Calder Water Community Wind FarmWind28.0Community Windpower (Community Wind Power)
KelburnWind28.0Renewable Energy Systems (RES)
CrighshaneWind28.0Energia Renewables
Assel ValleyWind27.6Falck Renewables
ToddleburnWind27.6Scottish and Southern Energy (SSE)
Hill of Glaschyle Wind FarmWind27.6Muirden Energy
Long MountainWind27.6Energia Renewables
Glenconway 2 (formerly Altahullion Phase III)Wind27.6Scottish and Southern Energy (SSE)
Ben AketilWind27.6RDC Scotland Ltd (Renewable Development Co.)
GlenchamberWind27.5Renewable Energy Systems (RES)
Green KnowesWind27.0CRE Energy/ Scottish Power
Bicker FenWind26.0Wind Prospect
Wryde CroftWind26.0RES UK & Ireland
MaesgwynWind26.0Pennant Wind Energy Ventures Ltd
Burnhead MossWind26.0Wind Prospect Developments/ EDF
Hagshaw Hill 2Wind26.0Scottish Power Renewables
Glens of FoudlandWind26.0Green Investment Bank (Blackrock)
DungavelWind26.0John Laing
LynemouthWind26.0Scottish Power Renewables
AltahullionWind26.0B9 Energy / RES
Easter Tulloch Wind Farm (Tullo Extension)Wind25.0N R Gammie Partnership
St. Johns HillWind25.0K E Projects AF
Pant y walWind25.0Pennant Wind Energy Ventures (PWEV)
GruigWind25.0B9 Energy / RES
Minnygap (Resubmission)Wind25.0Minnygap (formerly RES)
Little Raith FarmWind25.0Kennedy Power Ltd
TirgwyntWind24.6Belltown Power
Hall Farm RouthWind24.6John Laing Environmental Assets Group/REG Power Management
RusholmeWind24.0EDF/China General Nuclear Power Corporation
West Durham Wind FarmWind24.0ESBI
Hyndburn Wind FarmWind24.0Energiekontor UK
Red TileWind24.0Wind Prospect Development (DAO Mr J Pennay)
MaerdyWind24.0Greencoat UK Wind
Crook Hill (Revised Application - Rochdale MBC) 2 of 2Wind23.8Infrared Capital Partners
Beinneun Windfarm ExtensionWind23.8Octopus Investments/Blue Energy.
Blaengwen (Re-Submission)Wind23.0Statkraft and Catamount Energy Corporation
AlltwalisWind23.0Statkraft Wind UK Ltd
Mynydd Bwllfa Wind Farm - ResubmissionWind22.5Pennant Walters
Freasdail Wind FarmWind22.5The Renewables Infrastructure Group (TRIG)
Burn of WhilkWind22.5RWE npower
GlenkerieWind22.0Novera Energy
SwinfordWind22.0Nuon UK
Glen AppWind22.0Scottish Power Renewables
North RhinsWind22.0Greencoat UK Wind
Windy StandardWind21.6Fred Olsen Renewables
Tir Mostyn & Foel GochWind21.25Munich Re (previously Windjen Power Ltd)
DunmoreWind21.0TCI Renewables
MiddlewickWind20.7Blue Energy (formerly Ridgewind Ltd)
Ewe Hill IIWind20.7Scottish Power Renewables
Crystal Rig Extension IIWind20.7Natural Power Consultants
Townlands of CarrickataneWind20.7Northern Wind Power
BradwellWind20.5Npower Renewables
WandylawWind20.5Blue Energy
Cour Wind FarmWind20.5Octopus Investments/Blue Energy
Sixpenny WoodWind20.5Greencoat UK Wind
Llanbabo Wind FarmWind20.4MANWEB Generation Holdings
Llyn AlawWind20.4Beaufort Wind Ltd
Carland Cross RPWind20.0Scottish Power Renewables
Hunter's HillWind20.0Wind Farm Developments / RES UK & Ireland
ScreggaghWind20.0Screggagh Windfarm
Pant y wal extensionWind20.0Pennant Walters (PYWX)
CraigengeltWind20.0Scotia Wind Ltd
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