UK Electricity Production


Waste Plants

NameFuelCapacity (MW)Owner
Briton FerryWaste2.0Neath Port Talbot Waste Management Co Ltd
Maw Green Landfill Site Cheshire (Extension)Waste2.0Waste Recycling Group
St Day IIWaste2.0
Deep Moor Gas to EnergyWaste2.0DEVON WASTE MANAGEMENT LTD
Greengairs Landfill Scheme Phase IIIWaste2.0Waste Recycling Group
Docksway Landfill SchemeWaste2.0Renewable Power Systems
Milton Landfill SiteWaste2.0Waste Recycling Group
Broockhurst WoodWaste2.0Biffa
Station Farm Landfill SchemeWaste2.0Natural Power
Compton Bassett LandfillWaste2.0HILLS MINERALS & WASTE LTD
Auchencarroch Landfill ExtensionWaste2.0Auchencarroch Energy Ltd/CLP
Horton Landfill SiteWaste2.0Haul Waste Limited
Oatslie Landfill GasWaste2.0Waste Recycling Group
Heathfield 'A' LandfillWaste2.0Viridor
ImminghamWaste2.0Waste Recycling Group
Glapwell PowerWaste2.0NOVERA
PG4 St Bedes Power Generation (Extension)Waste2.0DURHAM COUNTY WASTE MANAGEMENT LTD
Lune PowerWaste2.0
Lochhead Landfill SchemeWaste2.0Natural Power
Binn LandfillWaste1.9SITA UK / Natural Power
Dimmer Landfill SiteWaste1.9Gengas Ltd
Brenkley LandfillWaste1.9SITA UK / Natural Power
Warren Quarry Landfill Gas SchemeWaste1.9Warren Energy Ltd
Queens Park EnergyWaste1.9
High Heavens LandfillWaste1.9Renewable Power Systems
Greengairs Landfill Scheme Phase IIWaste1.9Waste Recycling Group
Shelford Landfill SchemeWaste1.9Brett Waste Management Ltd
Colnbrook LandfillWaste1.9Biffa
Dogsthorpe South Landfill SiteWaste1.9Waste Recycling Group
Greengairs Landfill Scheme Phase IWaste1.9Waste Recycling Group
Ardley Fields Farm Landfill SiteWaste1.8Haul Waste Limited
Edwin Richards Landfill SchemeWaste1.8Waste Recycling Group
Burntstump Landfill SchemeWaste1.8Waste Recycling Group
Chelson Meadow Gas to Energy SchemeWaste1.8DEVON WASTE MANAGEMENT LTD
Whinney Hill II EnergyWaste1.8SITA UK
Ongar Landfill Scheme 2Waste1.8Waste Recycling Group
Queen's Park Road EnergyWaste1.8Combined Landfill Projects (CLP)
Patteson Court Landfill SiteWaste1.8Biogeneration / Biffa
Portley Ford Landfill SiteWaste1.8Biogeneration / Biffa
Elstow Landfill SiteWaste1.8Renewable Power Generation Ltd
Distington LandfillWaste1.8THOMAS GRAVESON LTD
Bretby PowerWaste1.6Natural Power
Walpole LandfillWaste1.6THOMAS GRAVESON LTD
Gowy Landfill SiteWaste1.6Waste Recycling Group
Waresley Landfill SiteWaste1.6Biffa
Rossendale PowerWaste1.6
Maw Green Landfill SiteWaste1.6Waste Recycling Group
Danes Moss Landfill SiteWaste1.6Waste Recycling Group
Mountsorrel Landfill SiteWaste1.6Redland Aggregates Ltd / Combined Landfill Projects (CLP)
Standen HeathWaste1.5Biffa
Mayton Wood Landfill SiteWaste1.5Combined Landfill Projects (CLP)
Albury LandfillWaste1.5SITA UK
Blackborough End Landfill SiteWaste1.5Combined Landfill Projects (CLP)
Burnhills Landfill Scheme (L4)Waste1.5SITA UK
Fairoak LandfillWaste1.5Renewable Power Generation Ltd
Dogsthorpe South Landfill Site 2Waste1.4Shanks Group
Chelson Meadow 2Waste1.4Combined Landfill Projects (CLP)
Lidsey LandfillWaste1.4LIDSEY LANDFILL LTD
Springfield FarmWaste1.4ONYX
Holiday Moss Gas to Energy IIWaste1.4Biffa
Bootham Lane Phase 2Waste1.4Waste Recycling Group
Nant y Caws Landfill SiteWaste1.4NOVERA
Granville Landfill SiteWaste1.4Biogas Technology Ltd/Natural Power
Roxwell Landfill SchemeWaste1.3Redland Aggregates Ltd (Lafarge Redland)
Boston Landfill SchemeWaste1.3Renewable Power Systems
Garlaff LandfillWaste1.3Barr Environmental / CLP
Ulnes Walton EnergyWaste1.3SITA UK
Betton AbbotsWaste1.3SITA UK / Natural Power
Meece LandfillWaste1.3THOMAS GRAVESON LTD
Sidegate Lane Landfill SiteWaste1.3East Midlands Electricity Generation
Seamer CarrWaste1.3Yorwaste
Attlebridge Landfill SiteWaste1.3Renewable Power Generation Ltd
Offham Landfill Site Phase IIWaste1.2ARC Ltd (Greenways Landfill)/ Waste Recycling Group plc
Tythegston Landfill SiteWaste1.2Renewable Power Generation Ltd
Judkins Landfill Site Phase 3Waste1.2Greenways
Trowbridge Sewage Treatment WorksWaste1.2Wessex Water
GlapwellWaste1.2Yorkshire Environmental Solutions / Waste Recycling Group
Whinney Hill Waste Disposal SiteWaste1.2Combined Landfill Projects (CLP)
Lackford Landfill SchemeWaste1.2Gengas Ltd
Runfold LandfillWaste1.2SITA UK
Parkwood Landfill SchemeWaste1.2Coal Products Ltd Energy
AveleyWaste1.2Waste Recycling Group
Bootham LaneWaste1.2Waste Recycling Group
Netley Landfill Site Hampshire (Extension)Waste1.2Hampshire Waste Services/ ONYX / Power Plant Services
Slough Sewage Treatment WorksWaste1.2Thames Water Utilities
Foxhall Landfill SiteWaste1.2Renewable Power Generation Ltd
Colchester STWWaste1.2Anglian Water Services Ltd
Barkip Landfill SiteWaste1.2William Tracey Ltd
Longreach STW - extensionWaste1.1Thames Water Utilities
Westbury Landfill SchemeWaste1.1Haul Waste Disposal Ltd
CranfordWaste1.1SITA UK
Meadow Hall PowerWaste1.1Waste Recycling Group
Lount/SmoileWaste1.1SITA UK
Arlesey Landfill SiteWaste1.1Waste Recycling Group
PG2 Bolam Power Generator (Extension)Waste1.1CLP and Briagas
Squabb WoodWaste1.0Viridor
Chapman's WellWaste1.0Natural Power
Mark's QuarryWaste1.0Ylem Energy
Craigahulliar Landfill GasWaste1.0B9 Organic Energy and Craigahulliar Energy
Former Pluckley Landfill SiteWaste1.0Farley Engineering/ Kent Weald Properties/Cleanaway
Folly LaneWaste1.0Combined Landfill Projects (CLP Envirogas)
PG4 St Bedes Power Generation (Extension 2)Waste1.0Natural Power
PG2 Bolam Power GenerationWaste1.0CLP
Kilsby Landfill SchemeWaste1.0Hales Waste Control Ltd
Clifton HallWaste1.0Biffa
Connon Bridge LandfillWaste1.0
Highfields South Landfill GasWaste1.0Npower
Wapsey's Wood II Landfill SiteWaste1.0Leigh Environmental Ltd (Paul Blower 01753 888140)
Ongar Landfill SchemeWaste1.0Waste Recycling Group
Wilnecote Landfill SiteWaste1.0Biffa
Soothills LandfillWaste1.0ONYX LANDFILL LTD
Lower Melville WoodWaste1.0Fife Council
Pebsham (Extension)Waste1.0Biffa
Wapsey's Wood IIIWaste1.0Summerleaze
Path HeadWaste1.0SITA UK
Immingham Landfill SchemeWaste1.0Winerton Power Ltd
Horncliffe QuarryWaste1.0Natural Power
Horncliffe Quarry (Extension)Waste1.0Natural Power
Shakespeare Farm Landfill SiteWaste1.0Biffa
Capel LandfillWaste1.0Hanson Brick Ltd
Billinge Hill Quarry Landfill SchemeWaste1.0Bidston Methane Ltd.
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